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Favorite music is a dream to listen to, if not live, then on really good HiFi & Stereo equipment. We at Loudndproud are looking for the right equipment, that is good enough for your ear, eye and as much as possible gentle to mother nature.

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Classic manufacturer of very good sounding equipment. 

  • About the Concert

    On October 21st & 22nd, 1982, Fleetwood Mac's "In Concert - Mirage Tour '82" was filmed at The Great Western Forum in Inglewood, California.
    This was recorded i pure hifi stereo and on video. There was in fact certain problem as the "stereo-video" was new on the market at that time, problem to make tape/machines that could hold the "two channel separated" and with a good quality on an entire tape ... enjoy it anyway, and if you are lucky, it will be remastered.
    We do not hold Copyright but the video is out of print. I will gladly remove if contacted by the rights holder.